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Exploring the Inner Realities

Ellie Drew – Clairvoyant Researcher


Exploring the Inner Realities

Ellie Drew – Clairvoyant Researcher

Welcome! Ellie Drew's Institute for Conscious Change 510(c)3 Educational Nonprofit - Education for Individual Empowerment

Life IS Your Spiritual Practice!

Collectively we are creating this consensus reality. We call it our life experience on planet earth. I awakened to this knowing at 18 years of age, during a nine-month personal retreat when I had a deeply transformational spiritual experience. Since that event in 1978, I have been on a passionate quest to understand the nature of reality. Because, clearly, it wasn't what I was taught or people assumed. I learned to recognize how my inner thoughts affected what showed up in my outer life.


Eventually, others wanted to know what I was learning from my psychic and mediumship experiences. Students started to call me The Practical Mystic. I am, at heart, still a rural farm girl where things have to make sense; I don't advocate for people to 'believe,' but rather to experiment with the principles I have discovered, and to test out practices the Spirits have given me for yourself. With my two science degrees, I approach all my inner discoveries and conversations with a discerning mind while looking for patterns on the nature of reality.


How do I get my information? The Spirits call me "The Questioner" because I am constantly asking questions. The best part? They always answer me. Not that I always understand! 


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