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Way of the Lotus Flower: How to Heal Your Soul Field

Forgiveness practice which includes 33 Inspiring Teaching Cards!


The Lost Wisdom of Conscious Manifesting with Ellie Drew

Most Popular DVD!


Rainbow Sun Qigong

Training Video Plus Qigong Form! DVD

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Educational DVDs


Rainbow Sun Qigong

Training DVD!


Qigong for Seniors

Same as Rainbow Sun Qigong to encourage your elderly friends or family.


Qigong for Kids!

Includes short exercises for teachers and parents


The Lost Wisdom of Conscious Manifesting

Most Popular DVD!

SFC Front

Sacred Forgiveness Ceremony

Real healing for a group or yourself.

3 Popular Meditation & Music CDs

Tunnel Wallet front cover

Blue Light Tunnel Meditation

Exercise for Inner Journeys!

Music CD

3-Sounds of the Lotus Flower

Music for Meditation & Healing!


I AM LOVE - Original Music!

Inspired from the I Am Love Poem, and other teachings!

Original Books!


Way of the Lotus Flower: How to Heal Your Soul Field

Forgiveness practice which includes 33 Inspiring Teaching Cards!


Partnering with Spirit Book 1

A True Life-After-Life Story!


Soul Journeys Book 2

Continue Homer's Life After Life Journey!

FREE to Share! I AM LOVE Poems for Conferences, Groups, Memorial Services, etc! Order 3/person - one to keep, two to share!


Front of Card


Back of Card

The story of how the poem came about.

About: I AM LOVE Poem

In the early spring of 2013, a friend was dying in home hospice. She was not at peace. I stayed up all night praying, asking for a message that would bring my friend peace at the end of her life. The result is the I AM LOVE Poem. Currently, there are over 75,000 in print, ready to go to print once again. It has been translated into 30 languages, and will have its own website as I get time to get it done.

These poems are a gift to humanity and meant to be shared freely. People have gotten them for retreats, conferences, church, and memorial services, meditation groups, Valentines, Solstice, or Christmas cards, etc. Make sure to give out 3 poems - 1 to keep, 2 to share. We are happy for any donations to keep this project out in the world! The shopping cart will show them 25 per bag. Order as many as you want. For larger orders - say 500, 1,000 or 2,500, e-mail your name, address, and the amount you want. Shipping is free on the large orders. Ordering in the shopping cart I think triggers the shipping cost. Size 4x6 post card.

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Add cards to existing order with the "Add To Cart" button ONLY if you have items already in the Shopping Cart. Otherwise, PayPal checkout doesn't know how to ship you something you aren't paying for, so you have to send me an e-mail with your address. On the PayPal checkout page, even if you put $1.00 for cost of item, it will trigger the $6.00 additional shipping charge, so better to e-mail unless you want to make a donation. Quantity is 25 cards so make sure to increase the quantity in the shopping cart so you get enough cards for your event. 1 is 25 cards, 2 is 50 cards, etc.