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with Ellie Drew - Clairvoyant Researcher

Clairvoyant Readings $175 /hour

When you can't see the forest through the trees, it's a good time to get a reading. It helps to sort out your mental noise and hear what your Soul or Guides are trying to say. Life transitions such as the death of someone close to you, changing jobs (or getting dismissed), relationship challenges (like divorce), health challenges - these are all times when it is beneficial to get some outside, positive, guidance and insight.

Ellie started giving readings in 2003 after she started to communicate with Homer, a local metaphysical water dowser who physically died but 12 nights later showed up in a Conscious Manifesting Research meeting. Homer didn't go away. This opened up Ellie's spirit communication channels to a whole new level that can now benefit you. Two books are written about Ellie & Homer's journey in Partnering with Spirit & Soul Journeys (available on the Products Page). 

While Ellie was, at the time, a very reluctant Spirit Messenger, she soon discovered the benefits of Spirit Communication and the beneficial teachings for herself and others. Spirit communication is the foundation of Ellie's teachings in retreats and products. Ellie is only the channel or medium for the teachings. Now you can gain insight into your own life.


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Spirit Guides Readings $350 / 2+hours

In October of 2015 Ellie had a psychic mediumship experience where she nearly went 'round the bend' as they say. Too many communicators at one time powerfully pushing her. This intense energy event caused two things to happen.

The first was an unexpected teaching, "Look at yourselves as a house or spaceship on a journey to earth. This journey is not one undertaken alone. In your house, you have many rooms and people. These people are aspects of your personality - both beneficial and not."

As Ellie began to do experimental readings, it turned out that Spirit was right! Not only was Ellie able to find out who was 'in your house/spaceship' but also, those non-beneficial aspects of personality could be asked to leave with highly beneficial results.

These readings take some time - at least two hours, sometimes up to 2.5 hours. It is important for you to be able to record these sessions, so figure that out ahead of time. At some point, I'll record some testimonials about how life changing this reading has been for the people who have already experienced it.