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End of Year News:
2014 was an international year of teaching, (with 4 trips to China in 3 cities); a moving year (from Tucson, AZ to Prescott, AZ); and an elder year (dealing with my dad's cancer / surgery / move, and my 103 year old grandmother's passing). Busy and intense to be sure. 

The BEST NEWS is the new I AM LOVE CD (see info below!)

2015 is forming to be an equally busy travel year. Currently 4 trips to China are planned (May, July, Sept, Nov). One possible trip to Vancouver, Canada, and Colorado. 

Also planned for 2015: Updates to a new website (thank you to a tech volunteer!) Tech updates to do online courses for both international students, and US students. (Yes, finally!)

I am grateful for the past year of experiences, and look forward to a magical 2015. 

Happy New Year & Blessings to you all.  EllieDrew

Message from a Friend on the "Other Side"

Virginia Moyer, the cover artist for Ellie's first and second books, had just entered Hospice when the I AM LOVE Poem came through the end of January 2013. Since Ellie has the ability to "check in" on people on the "other side," Marge Hefty –Virginia's best friend – asked Ellie to check on Virginia after her passing, to see if she had a message to relay for her own Memorial Celebration that Marge would read. This is the message that came through. It has been meaningful to others and Ellie was requested to share it.

Two things in reference to the message below – 1) Marge had the chance to read the I AM LOVE Poem to Ginny before her passing. 2) For those who don't know, "Homer" is Marge Hefty's husband who died in 2003 and showed up to a group Ellie was leading 12 days after his physical death. That relationship resulted in Ellie's first two books. Virginia was good friends of both Marge and Homer.

Hi Marge, I'll "check in" on Ginny now and write what I receive . . .

I go within and I feel such intense JOY. There are really no words for the wonder of this enormous feeling of beingness. When I tune into Ginny I hear, "Marge, oh Marge. It is so amazing here. The colors, the music, how could we forget? How could we possibly forget HOME? From my first message to you telling you that it was better than what we talked about, now I have no words to give Ellie to tell you, I can only give her impressions of LOVE. We are all so loved. How could we have forgotten how much we are loved. We ARE love. Everything vibrates as LOVE. I never want to leave this."

I (Ellie) ask Ginny if there are any messages to give for her memorial service. She says most emphatically, "Memorize the I AM LOVE poem. MEMORIZE it. Don't ever forget you are love. Don't ever fear walking through the door of death. It isn't death at all. It is a WELCOME HOME Celebration! I love you all. I can't wait to show you how I paint with the colors of love. Homer sends his love also. You should see him. He looks like some kind of ascended master he's so bright. I'm told I can't move on to those realms yet, that my system needs time to release the vibrations of the earth realm, and that this adjustment takes some time, but that I'll be able to travel to other realms soon. For now I am very happy to be here. Thank you Margie, for all you did for me. I love you like a sister." Then she acknowledges me for passing on the message and blinks out.

Okay, that's it. How wonderful to get all this! Love, Ellie

Here is Marge's Reply:

Hi Ellie,

Thank you for being what you "never wanted to be." These messages have made it easier for me to look at that yet larger room and try to understand.  Know of many it has opened up their thinking.

Love, Marge

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Ellie is also fully engaged in the mundane world as the Director for the nonprofit Institute for Conscious Change since 2001. She is the author of three books, and has created CDs, DVDs to share her teachings. Ellie holds two science degrees from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

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